nicole w.

Making Waves Academy

I am a social, kind, independent, and considerate individual.
I can help, inspire, and lead. I like to learn, help, and lead to better myself and others around me. In the future I would like to have a world wide known successful business. i don't yet know what I want to sell. I've just always told myself that I want money so wouldn't have to depend on anyone to provide and take care of me, when i am capable of doing it myself.

Tanner G.

Arroyo Grande High School

My favorite hobbies are learning martial arts and surfing. I really like learning new techniques and knowing how to defend myself makes me feel confident. I like to surf even though I'm not the best at it but it takes my mind off things and is very relaxing. My favorite subjects are History and Math, they interest me a lot and I like to learn about the past experiences of our country.

Isaac H.

Arroyo Grande High School

I am funny, energetic, and hard working. I hope in the future I can be something related to biology and environmental subjects. I love to help out around my house because I see many different animals and cool things in nature.

Anay M.

Arroyo Grande High School

In total, I am very hardworking and I like to be in charge of the things I am a part of. I am broad-minded, ambitious, and practical. I like solving problems, initiate projects, and operate tools and machinery. In the future I will probably start my own business that has a lot of hands on activities.

Brenda V.

Cabrillo High School

I persuade others to motivate them into doing something that benefits them in good choices. I am self confident to my responsibilities that I want to achieve in my life. I'm earning to be a successful person as a student to achieve my goals.

Miranda C.

Cabrillo High School

I am a scientific, observant, and logical person who can understand scientific theories, interpret data, and use scientific tools. I enjoy to explore a variety of ideas, be challenged, and do research. My dream is work either as an aquarist or as a developer of of new medical technology and medicine.

Kirstin J.


I am very inquisitive and a social person. I enjoy to help my local youth cheer team because i like to work with children. I am best at being an example and teaching others is one of my best characteristics.

Oscar H.

Cabrillo highschool

I am an Ambitious and Responsible man who is well organized. I like to work in groups, meet new people, have a high status, sell products and be well organized in groups. I dream of selling exclusive products while traveling and operating a home business.

Cameron P.


I work excellently with other people to help express ideas and strange concepts. I want to make a community project that will not only make the town more colorful and artistic but also more noticeable for tourists. I can work with my hands and help get everyone's ideas out and apart of the project. Some of my hobbies include sports, music, wood and leather working among many other things.

Josiah G.

Cabrillo High School

I am a logical, creative, and determined individual whose goal is to be successful in high school, then go to community college, then to a UC college, and finally get a well-paying job of my choosing. I enjoy sketching, interpreting formulas, and working on crafts. I prefer working alone, however i believe shared work can be beneficial. I will always strive to do my best, and hope to find a career that I love.